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The Conquest of Happiness – Bertrand Russell

I will start by recommending everybody to read this book. It is not a typical self-help book on how to be happy. It was written in the ‘3o when these types of books didn’t exist. It merely represents a guide on how to live a happy life, as the author says:

“My purpose is to suggest a cure for the ordinary day-to-day unhappiness from which most people in civilized countries suffer, and which is all the more unbearable because, having no obvious external cause, appears inescapable.”

I am not sure why in 2006 when the book was re-published, the publisher decided to put 4 bananas on the cover 🙂 lol I didn’t know  that was a self-help book (I should have guessed by the title) but a friend recommended it and I was curious about it :).

The book is structured in 2 parts that describe what exactly make people unhappy and happy. The stile of the author is very direct and strait forward. He describes the society of his time and enumerates the reasons of unhappiness. One detail that bothered me that book was focused on men and their happiness. The women were only mentioned as needing to get married as soon as possible to break from the bore of their domestic live. At the end of the book he describes the situation of women that work and become more and more independent which drives them away from maternity.

In the second part of the book (slightly smaller), the author makes a list of things and situations that could make the modern man be very happy. I was a bit surprised that only in the last chapter he gives some examples of concrete things and steps that could be done in order to achieve happiness. All in all a very simple book that you can read for a few hours in the plane. A few quotes that I still have in mind:

“Life is too short to be interested in everything, but it is good to be interested in as many things as are necessary to fill our days”

“as long as he continues to think about the causes of his unhappiness , he continues to be self-centered and therefore does not get outside of the vicious circle”

“Happiness is not, except in very rare cases, something that drops into the mouth, like a ripe fruit, by the mere operation of fortunate circumstances “

“Happiness must be,  for most men and women, and achievement rather than a gift of the gods, and in this achievement efforts must play a great part”

“of all forms of caution, caution in love is perhaps the most fatal to true happiness”

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I don’t get invited to parties anymore!

A couple things you must know about me: I am a girl, I am 24 y.o. I am not married and I have allot of time on my hands. At this age it is important to figure out what you want to do in life and start doing it! So my wild life or partying until the dawn, hanging out with friends for hours and hours, drinking and singing have past.  I don’t say that I don’t like some old style clubbing from time to time, but I am more focused on me these days. In other words, for my friends and colleagues I am a total bore. I work allot and I don’t drink! For people from the United States it is a bit strange as they are only allowed to drink legally at 21 years old. (I don’t know if this rule exists in any other country????) Well, I am from a country in Europe were you are legally allowed to drink and go clubbing at 18, so I have to admit that I had sufficient fun and at the moment I am focusing on other stuff.  This idea has popped out in my had just recently, after the New Year’s Eve, being one of my resolutions. I noticed that I lose allot of time recovering form parties or just from getting wasted for no good reason. For this reason I am not invited to traditional parties, I am not invited to after work drinks, no more roof parties and I am not even invited to go clubbing. People consider me a total geek just because I want different thinks right now and don’t want to act at the sign: let’s do it! Well, news flash (for them): if I wanted a change was because partying and drinking is not that awesome after all!!! I prefer to try new thinks and to improve my self and to party from time to time, so I win!!! Even if I don’t get invited to parties anymore. 

I am a geek and I am proud to be one! Actually this is how I look in real life:

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Concurs by Cafebiblioart

Mdaaa, exista un concurs !!! toti cei interesati pot sa intre si ei in competitie!

Pentru a vă înscrie accesați linkul: Cafebiblioart

UPDATE: aveti voie sa va inscrieti la 2 carti!!!

Azi dau startul unui nou concurs. Nu am mai avut unul de multa vreme. Cred ca de pe vremea vechiului blog.
Concursul se va desfasura pe perioada 1 August – 1 Decembrie(cam lung…stiu)
Va puteti inscrie oricand, dar trebuie sa respectati regulile de mai jos.

Sa completati formularul de la sfarsitul postului.
Fiecare participant trebuie sa urmareasca blogul. Participantii care nu urmaresc blogul vor fi descalificati.
Trebuie sa raspanditi vestea pe blogul vostru sau pe Facebook(FB numai in cazul in care nu aveti blog – pe orice platforma) si sa puneti linkul in formularul de mai jos.
Sa dati like blogului pe Facebook. (optional)
Trebuie sa lasati maxim 2 si  comentarii minim 1 comentariu la toate postarile din perioada 1 August – 1 Decembrie.(scuze pentru greseala)
Pt fiecare carte trebuie sa se inscrie minim 25 de persoane ca aceea carte sa faca parte din concurs.
S-ar putea ca sa mai adaug cate o carte…dar nu promit nimic.


Castigatorii vor fi alesi prin Numarul vostru va fi numarul inscrierii pentru o anumita carte.
Daca totul merge bine vor fi mai multe concursuri mai scurte:)



1. Bloodlines – Richelle Mead
2. Witch and Wizard – Fire by James Patterson
3. Ashleys volumul 1 in limba romana – Melissa de la Cruz
4. Sange albastru – Melissa de la Cruz
5. Gossip Girl – Te voi iubi mereu
6. Changeless (Parasol Protectorate (Paperback))
7. Witch and Wizard – The Gift by James Patterson
8. Safe Haven – Nicholas Sparks
9. Love Bites de Lynsay Sands
10.SIngle white vampire de Lynsay Sands

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I have a date! (second part)

Dating is not easy. As I previously mentioned, it not my favorite thing to do. I went on a date this evening and I felt like this guy is so nice and amazing but we didn’t click. We are extremely different and have very different interest. First it is the age difference, he is 12 years older than me and sometimes, I didn’t understand his point or references. Second, he has traveled allot and seen many things, he is now ready to settle down and study the bible every week. I am still in the phase of “young and restless”, still want to see and understand the world. He was so disappointed when I told him that!!! We were sitting and thinking what 2 completely strangers are doing at this table? Well, the story is as follows: he saw some pictures on mine from Toastmasters (imagine that!) and liked me. He came to the meeting were he asked if I would like to go out for some tea. That was our meeting and asking out phase. And I hate myself a little for not feeling anything for him as he is an interesting and kind man!!! I don’t know if it ever happened to you but I hate myself (just a little) when I meet a perfectly alright guy and I don’t feel anything for him!!! But this is the way of the hearth and cannot change it. He probably thought that I am completely crazy for speaking about my job so much! All in all, it was an o.k. evening but I don’t see any future dates with this man, such a pity but when there is no chemistry there is nothing to be done.

Here is an idea on how I looked today 🙂

First date                                          

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