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One Hundred Years of Solitude – the book of one hundred rebellions

I was very curious to read this book as it was highly praised by critics (the greatest novel in any language of the last 50 years…) but I needed patience, allot of it. This is not the usual adventures book that keeps you plugged until the end. It is the kind of book when opened at a random page, while reading you understand the style of the author and of the book.
The main story is the raise and fall of the Buendia clan, starting with Colonel Aureliano Buendia and his wife Ursula. They move away from their families to find peace in a new place and they found a new city – Macondo, the center of all the adventures of the book. They are very honest and loving people who got married despite the fact that they are cousins. Their families warned them that their kids would have pig tails because they are blood related. Their sons became real rebels: one was a war general and the other one a tattooed macho. Their sisters are also rebellions in their ways: one is marring her half brother and the other one is driving men crazy. At this point in the book I said to my self, ok, I see why this book is so appreciated, it encourages you to follow your dreams, passions no matter what the rules of the society or family are, so I kept on reading. The characters are named very similar names, after their grand-parents. One character that appears for a very long time is the gypsy Melquíades. He has been in the city while alive and after death, guiding the Buendia sons to read his script.
The Buendia clan goes up to 7 generations and in the last one, we find Aureliano how is loving his aunt – Amaranta Ursula. Their child is born with pig tail as their grand-parents warned them. Amaranta Ursula is bleeding to death and Aureliano finds the key of Melquaide’s scripts: he wrote the story of their family 100 years before happening, he also reads about his and his son’s death.
The book is amazing at describing small details and scenes. I guess the story becomes better at the end of the book and we understand the whole idea of the book. Their lives were a struggle for their own passions and impulses, which brought them to death. Their existence was spontaneous with no rules imposed by the governance and apparently, not by their local society and this made them ill and disoriented. They exaggerated with their actions and with their plans. At the very end of the book, it is revealed that the clan of the Buendias has been ordained since the beginning, and that they will never have a second chance. This is what happens to people that go against blood rules, and “races condemned to one hundred years of solitude did not have a second opportunity on earth” as Garcia Marquez himself writes in the book. I am happy that I read the book and understood the message, maybe this will help me select better the things to rebel against, to contradict and the things I should follow as they naturally are.

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Sensual Blogging Award

Dear Friends, you are amazing and don’t stop to impress and puzzle me! I have been nominated with the Sensual Blogging Award by Fae at Fae’s Twist & Tango . She is an wonderful Lady that has impressed me with her passion and skills for Argentine Tango (there is a series on her blog totally dedicated to this passion, you can check it out here:

I’m still confused for this award as I don’t post anything sensual in the direct sense, I guess that my honesty is the main sensual detail of this blog 🙂
ok, I have to answer 7 sensual questions:
1. most romantic memory: My first bucket of red roses 🙂
2. Most sensual music: Touch and Go – Let’s go straight to number one: 
3. Most sensual season – Winter
4.Favorite flower – Orchide
5. Favorite fruit – apple
6. Best gift received – Love
7. Love is – indispensable like air 🙂

Now I would like to nominate some bloggers that are appealing for my mind and soul,  this is how I understand sensuality, both for the spiritual and physical part of our self.

Feel the sensuality 🙂 from :
1. Essa at 
2. Marcello at iammarcello
3.  the audacious amateur blogger
4.  Lara at Lara Catone | Yoga & Sexual Wellness
6. Ella at These crazy words
7. Renae and Paula at stuffitellmysister
8. Marianne at Marianne
9. Miss D. at missddaily
10. Christina at Christina ~

I hope you get inspired by this nomination and keep your sensuality and creativity burst into your blogs!!!
The rules for accepting this award are:

1.  Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you.
2.  Acknowledge that blogger on your blog and link back.
3.  Answer 7 sensual questions ( Most romantic memory, Most sensual music, Most sensual season, Favorite flower, Favorite fruit, Best gift received, Love is… )
4.  Select 10 nominees and notify them on their blogs.
5.  Copy and paste the award on your blog.

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I’m sorry, you’re just not my type!

I always wondered what people really mean when they say: I’m sorry, you’re just not my type! I heard men and women saying it; I recently had to say it to a wonderful man: I couldn’t feel free around him, I couldn’t relate to anything he said; he is from a different world and I felt like an idiot the whole time.
I never had a clear definition of what my “type” of men is, so I thought about it for a while. The only clear explanation that came into my head is this: everybody has a sens of himself and in order to fall in love with someone else, he/she must feel that person on the same level, on the same page, using the same life principles (more or less), activating in the same groups (again, more or less). It is not a matter of a high/low self appreciation, it is merely a clear perception of who you are and who you can accept to be around you. I remember being  fascinated by doctors until I dated one. After that I came to the conclusion that he is not my type, I could’t accept his attitude towards people (which was altered by his medical practice), the same when I couldn’t date someone for a longer time because I always felt morally intimated (he felt the need of proving that he is much smarter). The good thing about these experiences is I learned something out of each one of them: not to date a doctor or a smart ass… but as soon as I determine what my type is it happens that I tend to like totally another type of person!!! Of course, people often say that opposite attract but this is not a general rule. If people are extremely different and their daily activities or passions are different, they say in the end: I am sorry, you are not my type.
It has happened that I was told this, when I was so sure that I was his type 🙂 !!! so I am curious, what is your definition of: you are not my type? and when was the last time you have used it? of course, I am not going to ask anyone the last time it was said to them 🙂 🙂 🙂

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Labyrinth by Kate Mosse – a story of strong women

Another bestseller – a French Medieval historic novel!
The story line begins at an archaeological dig in CarcassonneFrance, (in 2005) where Dr. Alice Tanner finds old 2 skeletons in a cave. The police gets involved and closes the site. A big number of people get involved and Alice doesn’t know what to understand anymore: she is brutalized by the police, her room is searched, she is being followed and her friend disappears from the day of the discovery. She realizes that her discovery is related to a old sect-  Noublesso Veritable. She meets a very old friend  – Will Franklin that gets her even more confused as he is involved indirectly. She is haunted by the image of a Labyrinth and realizes that her nightmares and her past are related to this cult. At the end of the book she finds out the truth.

In a parallel world and time,  (in 1200) also in CarcassonneFrance we meet another heroine – Alais – in the time of the Fourth Crusade launched against the Cathars because of their religion. Alais learns about the cult of Noublesso Veritable from her father, as he is one of the guardians. This cult keeps 3 sacred books and some other symbolic tools which allows one to live for more than 500 years. The guardians of the books must keep them safe so that bad people would not get the chance to eternal life. Alais is going through very tough times: her husband Guilhelm is being seduced by her sister Oriane, her people is attached by the French army, her father murdered and she is must protect the sacred Books. She is passes many obstacles and in the end she passes in the arms of her loved one. I don’t want to give away all the details of the story because I would really like for people to read it.

What I really loved about the book: I was surprised of how similar this book is to The Da Vinci Code. It represents the Grail Quest but in a modernized version, without a Robert around to explain everything. The main characters are women: Alais and Alice (from the good side) Marie-Cecile (from the bad side). All these women are very strong, clever and determined. It was a breath a fresh air to see strong women in action, to see them struggle for their faith and not wait for the prince to save them. The characters are an amazing parallel of each other: Alice is a copy (or a reincarnation) of Alais, Will is the equivalent of Guilhelm, Marie-Cecile is the modern Oriane.
Finally the Labyrinth is an omnipresent symbol that both confuses and is leading to the truth. If you are the right persone and you have the right reasons, it will take you to the end of your journey and show the truth, otherwise, you are lost.
Ultimately, Labyrinth is a quick read, a tour of a small part of dark French history told by an creative narrator, I had a wonderful time reading it!!!



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