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Preparing to date ? :)

As you have noticed I haven’t been posting anything relating or even close to dating. I have to say that I have been down a little. Because of the Crush on a Leo and because some important people have moved away (shout out to Elena Nevada 🙂 ) I was not myself lately and I needed some time to put the pieces together. I started reading more often and just being more passive in general and I have to say that it did me only good. I guess I needed a slower period. Now I feel that I smile as usual, I speak and I feel as positive as always, what a better time to meet someone new, maybe the love of my life ??? 🙂 I spiritually feel ready to meet someone and I feel like I have the patience to discover a listen to a life story… 🙂
I got a new haircut, tailored my French coat, bought new shoes and together with me feeling like myself I feel that I am ready to go back in the dating game! 🙂 🙂 🙂
what news do you have, dear World?

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Carti bune pentru fetite de 11-12 ani

For English version click here: Good books for girls (age 10-12 years old)

Salutare lume! Faceti cunostiinta cu nepotica mea – Ana- Maria (de 11 ani) Ei ii place sa citeasca foarte mult si ma intrebat daca pot sa-i recomand niste carti bune. Eu sint incintata de pasiunea ei si as vrea sa-i dau o lista de carti care sa o inspire, carti care s-o motiveze sa devina o femeie inteligenta si ambitioasa, ca si matusica ei 🙂 🙂 🙂  In acelasi timp, m-am blocat din cauza unor detalii:
1. nu vreau sa citeasca cartile obisnuite de aventuri, carti ce au ca erou principal un baiat, vreau carti cu personaje feminine, in care ea sa se regaseasca
2. Alta problema este: cartile care imi par portivite nu sint disponibile in limba romana
3. nu vreau sa-i dau carti nepotrivite virstei ei

Asadar, cu toate acestea in gind am inceput o vinatoare de carti pentru fetite pre-adolescente!!! o sa fac o lista si o sa va tin la curent cu rezultatul final
Desigur, cu totii sinteti bineveniti sa-mi recomandati cartile voastre preferate si primiti recunostiinta mea in avans! 🙂 🙂 🙂

ps: astea sint primele carti pe care le-am gasit si i le-am daruit de Craciun 🙂

1. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland de Lewis Carroll
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn  de Mark Twain
3. Gavroche and Cosette (fragments) de Victor Hugo
4. One Thousand and One Nights (fragments) – selectie de povesti arabe
5. Fram, the polar bear de Cezar Pertrescu
6. Heidi de Johanna Spyri
7. White Fang de Jack London
8. si multe carti scrise de  Jules Verne

cu toate ca m-am mutat in alta tara – Ungaria, vinatoare pentru carti bune pentru copii este deschisa !!!

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Good books for girls (age 10-12 years old)

for Romanian version please click here: Carti bune pentru fetite de 11-12 ani

Hello world – please meet my niece – Ana Maria, she is 11 y.o. She likes to read very much and she asked if I could recommend some good books. I am thrilled about her passion and would like to give a list of inspirational books, which will motivate her to be a smart and ambitious women, just like her auntie 🙂 ; at the same time, I am stuck with these issues:
1. I don’t want her to read the usual adventure books that have as main character a boy, I want books with characters that she can relate to.
2. Another problem is that the ones I believe are very good are not translated in Romanian, which is the language she reads in.
3. I don’t want to give her any inappropriate books for her age.

So I started a book hunt, for the best books for a teen (or pre-teen) girl! I will keep you posted on the final list! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
of course, all of you are more than welcome to recommend some titles, all my best regards in advance!

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The Idiot (by Fiodor Dostoyevsky) – modern Don Quixote and the story of a molested child

I decided to read some classic authors and with whom to start if not with the great Dostoyevsky! I read Crime and Punishment when I was a student and was really excited to read The Idiot (Original name: Идиот, by Фёдор Михайлович Достоевский)
First I have to inform all the readers that this is no equal of  Crime and Punishment but it is still a great read. The main story is that of the Russian Prince Lev Mishkin (Lev in Russian means Lion). He lived the majority of his life in Switzerland being treated of epilepsy, which he calls idiotism. When returning in St. Petersburg, he is re-included in the high society thanks to a recent received inheritance. Here all his trouble start: the same day he return to St. Petersburg he falls in love and asks the hand of lovely Nastasya Fillipovna.
Nastasya is a very important character of the book as her actions, her wishes and her perception of the world is seriously influencing the life of the others. She is the “keep women” of a rich Russian aristocrat. She was adopted by this man and later they became lovers. It never says at what age they became lovers because Nastasya seems pretty affected by this, so I am assuming is was child molestation. Because of this, Nastasya  never gave up on the role of victim and of slandered woman, she always showed off this title. She has a low self-esteem and crazy ideas that she does not hesitate to fulfill. Even when she met the prince, she played the victim’s card so that he will ask her hand. When she realized that she is taking him down with her, she played the victim’s card so that Rogozhin would take her with him! After their breakup the prince started to socialize with the Epanchin family. The youngest girl – Aglaia falls in love with him but acts so strange that nobody, not even the prince understands her. Everybody believes that they will get married when Nastasya appears again. I will not disclose the ending as it is the best part of the book 🙂
The idea behind the title is that the prince is acting like a modern Don Quixote: he is a romantic fool, he is there to save the day, he is very honest and gullible, ready to save the pretty girl. Poor Prince Lev never understood the rules and the game of the high society, he was always honest and open, and manipulated by everybody 😦 😦 😦

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Posting quotes from 50 Shades of Grey ?

I have to start with admitting that I didn’t read any book from the trilogy – 50 Shades of Grey, but I will. All I know about it is from the reviews that are all over the internet, but basically, it is a sensual and erotic book. I am pissed of that some of my friends find inspirational quotes from this book, they post it on their Skype, Messenger and Facebook pages. I read the quotes and I am amazed: how is that a quote? what does it teach or suggest to you? Is that were we are right now, to get inspired by random lines with no deep meaning??? Seriously, out of all the great authors out there, the only one that inspires people these days is Erika Leonard aka  E. L. James ?
If you read the book and feel that I my indignation is not justified, please let me know! I would love to be wrong, but I just know that I’m not 🙂 🙂 🙂

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Liebster Award!

It is that special time, that warm time of getting awards! In the week-end I received an award for being funny (Funny girl – now with an award to prove it!) and little after that, theo and the blog was kind enough to nominate me for another one – Liebster Award! I have to thank her very much for thinking about me. This award has several questions to witch the nominated must reply, then nominate other 5 bloggers and ask them other questions:

Here are Theo’s questions for me:

1. How long would you be able to stay without mobile phone/internet? – very long, I had a speech about it  and I noticed that I can do very well without internet, not sure how much without the phone 🙂
2. What would you choose: to be bald or blue hair?  Blue hair
3. What was your funniest date? – oh, don’t get me started…
4. a smell that you can’t stand? – raw food maybe
5. what do you like to watch on TV? – I don’t own a TV
6. how old is your favorite pair of jeans? – 4 months
7. name your first learned poetry? – A fost razboi (It was war)
8. what your favorite memory with your family? – Christmas time was magical
9. what is your biggest regret? – I didn’t receive a scholarship in Maastrich, Netherlands
1o. are you willing to compromise for your loved ones? – yes, absolutely

Here is the list of bloggers that made me curious and I would like to know more about:
1. Veronica of because I getting more and more information about translation from her blog
2. Fae of Fae’s Twist & Tango because I learn more and more from her posts, from delicious food to life advice!
3. Maddie Cochere  of I find so much of myself in her posts!
4.  Savoir Faire  a fellow Romanian very cute and funny blogger
5. Carolyn Page carolynpageabc  of ABD Spirit Talk for her lovely thoughts and interesting posts
6. Clanmother for very inspirational posts!!!

Be sure to check their blogs, I can assure you that you will like them right away!!!! in the meanwhile, stay safe and win award, or hearts 🙂 🙂 🙂
and here are my questions for the nominees:

1. What is the exact time and date that you were born?
2.What do you believe in?
3. If someone would write a book upon your life, it would be named… Why ?
4. Tell us a dear childhood memory that you still charish.
5. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
6. What was your childhood dream job? What about now?
7. Have you got one thing that can always make you happy or smile? What is it?
8. Did/Do you watch soap operas? Which ones?
9. If you could meet anyone in the whole of time and space, who would it be?
10. Why did the chicken crossed the street?

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Funny girl – now with an award to prove it!

I have never considered myself funny but by being honest or fooling around I can make people laugh. This week-end I won an award at a Humorous Speech contest!!!! It is only the second place but I am still proud of it!!! Now I can officially call myself – funny!!!! The contest was held in a public bus so that it could put the speakers in real life situations! Here are some moments:

what interesting things have you done lately? share it with me 🙂

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Crush on a Leo

There is not much to say: i had a crush (still have) on a guy I recently met. He is well educated, funny and has a strong personality, just as his sign – Leo, and in general, you can tell that he is a nice guy. I was so absorbed of how smart and funny he is that it didn’t cross my mind that he might have a girlfriend! I was flirting and “coincidentally” spent time with him and some other friends, until it got to me! Now I have to apologize like an idiot for being the last to know, to accept if more precise, that he is committed to someone else. Well, what can I do? he is still on my mind and I’m eating candies 🙂 that how bitter sweet my life is these days.

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