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Bridget Jones’s Diary by Helen Fielding

n58559What a funny book! if you have not read this until now, make sure to pick it out from your library on bookstore!
It is the story of a British single woman Bridget Jones, and her struggles with weight, men and career. The book is written in form of a diary as suggested by the title and it starts with the new year’s resolutions made by Bridget. Her mother tries to fix her with a family friend – Marc Darcy (what a name!) Bridget however has a crush on her boss – Daniel and she ends up sleeping with him. Daniel is not interested in a committing relation and is having in affair with another colleague which is discovered by Bridget. In stead of deep apologies, Daniel is informing Bridget and the whole world that he is marrying that work colleague. Deeply humiliated Bridget takes her mother’s advice of changing careers and goes for an interview to a local television. She is hired and with the accidental help of Mark Darcy makes some good articles. Mark and Bridget seem to have a nice time for her birthday when she finds out that her mother is wanted by the police. Again with the help of Mark she gets her mother out of troubles. In the process Mark tells her that he likes her just the way she is and they get together after an accidentally missed date. They have a nice Christmas date followed by a hot night…. the book ends in full circle, after 1 year after the beginning.
My favorite thing about the book is the absolute real language and insights which are written just as one is thinking, no fine tuning was made. This allows you to emphasize with Bridget and listen (actually read) as if she is one of your friends: Good book!

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