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The King’s Fool

ch_jester_jesterThere are not too many dates that I go too, but this one was accidently. I was taking  a trip to Viena and Bratislava when I noticed a group of Brazilian people. I have a ton of stereotipes in my head about them and decided to see if they are true. I was talking with one of them with the greatest smile I have ever seen and I asked him out for a coffee. Their next destination was Budapest, my residence city. It was my first direct contact with the Brazilian culture (besides the telenovelas) and I was so impressed by the atitude and by the energy! I felt like nothing can make this guy sad or angry and I am always curious about these kind of people. Of course like any Brazilian (maybe another pre-conception?) he was very romantic and playful. Our first date went very well and we both had fun, then met some of my friends and went home at 1 am. I was looking forward to see him the next day even if I was aware that this is a date between his traveling, I was ok with that. I was genuinely interested to learn more about him and his country and didn’t consider this a romantic date. The next day he said he is busy with his friends but that I can come along. I was a little bumped but again, I was interested in learning more about him and his culture. So I met the friends, we had a nice time, they were all turists so they made pictures, sang their songs, showed me their dances, told me their believes, and in between all these the Brazilian guy was giving me sweet kisses (by the way, did anyone noticed that they kiss diferently than the europeans? or it is just me) … it was a nice experience! I was prepared to call it done when he invited me over in his town to spend time together, or he can visit me, he can show me the city, let’s keep in touch, add me on your networks… I was more than happy to do that but still reluctant, after my experience with long distance romance. We said good bye in front of the hostel and I went home to dream about him :).  A couple of days later and weeks after that I wrote to him just to say hi and to ask how is life, but never got an answer. His friends posted tones of pictures from their trip and none of them were with me, they either selected the ones I made or cut me from the pictures. All these make me believe that I was just the king’s fool for their trip. I was the entertainer, I was aware of that and was fine with this role until he sugesteg we keep in touch further. That moment I left my imaginary hat and started to think and to hope for more, forgetting he lives in another country!
The worst part was that he ruined it for the next Brazilians I will be meeting in my life, I will believe that they are double faced just like this guy, and it is too bad because I really like their spirit. Oh well, I am funny and I am good for a laugh. If it was not for that moment of losing my hat, I would have been happier today.

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  1. Hi Malinka! I remember that you won an award for a humorous speech, so yes, you are funny — and I’m certain you must be fun to be around. 🙂 These people probably did enjoy you. I think you approached it just right when you knew the encounter would be for fun and probably not lead to anything else. Even though there was a little sting in this experience, I see you still have your sense of humor. I continue to love your outlook on life, Malinka!

    Comment by Maddie Cochere | May 12, 2013 | Reply

    • Thank you Maddie!

      Comment by malinkasstudio | May 13, 2013 | Reply

  2. I don’t think the fact that he’s Brazilian is the reason why he never answered. Guys are the same all over the world, unfortunately, they’re mostly assholes 😥 Hope you find your prince charming one day!

    Comment by innamazing | August 18, 2013 | Reply

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