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Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult

change-of-heart What is with all these spiritual books lately? this is the second in a row 🙂 Anyways, i read this book as part of the Bout of Books 8.0 challenge.
The book touches the problem of religion, death penalty and redemption. The story follows June Nealon and her family: her second husband and daughter are killed by Shay Bourne – a young ex-convicted man. Shay is found guilty and sentenced to death. Michael is a young priest and part of the jury. It took 11 years to decide upon the execution date. At this time, June’s second daughter – Claire is sick and needs a new hearth in order to survive. Shay tries to offer his own hearth to Claire in order to make up for the murders. Almost to the end of the story, Shay tells the actual story to Michael, who is his spiritual adviser in jail. The religious aspect of the story is quite interesting since it does not promote religion as a practice and discloses some other gospels than the ones that are widely known. It also promotes the basic rights, free speech and freedom of practicing your religion. Maggie – Shay’s layer is a true fighter, she is the one that helps Shay. It also ends with a romantic story and I feel that this is purely american ending 🙂 (Maggie falls in love) but it was necessary. The true story of Shay is dramatic and thanks to the romantic ending I was able to enjoy the book until the end.
Speaking of the style of the book, each chapter is written at first person and you can only understand who’s story is, by the title, if it is June, it’s June’s side of the story. Also, the font is different for each character, I was really annoyed about Maggie’s fond because it was duller than the others, but in the rest it was ok. If you are looking for a good dramatic story, with the pursuit of spiritual and religious truths, than do not hesitate to read this!

Happy reading everyone!

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  1. Good review! I love Jodi Picoult books and have recently read and reviewed Plain Truth and The Storyteller both amazing books! Feel free to check out my reviews

    Comment by bookgossips | August 22, 2013 | Reply

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