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A Thought Provoking Blog Award !

I was amazed again ! I am very new in the blogging world and I am amazed to be nominated by Lady Budd for the A Thought Provoking Blog Award !  She has a very interesting blog with so many inspiring pictures, each one of them tells another amazing stories!

I am here nominating another 5 fellow bloggers that are going to follow the same simple rules:

1)      Thank the person who nominated you and write a blog about it.
2)      Share 7 things about yourself.
3)      Pass the award on to 5 blogs you enjoy.
4)      Post the image on your blog.

Once again, all my gratitude goes to Lady Budd  for the time that she takes to read my articles, for kind words and appreciation!

Here are the random 7 things about me:

1. I love dogs very very much
2. I enjoy reading other people’s thoughts
3. I have no good idea on interior design and this made my studio look kinda strange
4. My favorite bands: Green days and The Killers
5. I believe in horoscopes
6. I get sick very fast
7. I hate being sick 🙂

And here 5 blogs that I go back to check for updates as they are as interesting/ entertaining as honest!
1. Marian Green
2. Dark Angel
3. sebastianmihail
4. ditchthemarriage
Meredith Jaeger

In the end I will quote Rebecca aka Lady Budd :

“Blogging celebrates connections. I look forward to the shared journey…”

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