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Non Formal Education in the car (?) and being overzealous

ImageI recently traveled to Ukraine with some acquaintances for a few days to participate at a meeting. We were 4 people in the car: 1 American, 1 Russian and 2 Romanians and the we spoke mainly in English. As I am young I really want mature people to have a good impression about me, especially people that I respect very much. In the car were people that I wanted to impress (just a little). So I was being very attentive and responsive to everything they did or said. Since there were some hours to drive, we decided to listen to some TED talks and scientific articles about several subjects. What a wonderful way of getting some new information and it could be classified as non-formal education! I do believe that this is what contemporary intellectual people do in their free time, so I was really motivated to make those people think some good stuff about me. I listened so carefully that I remembered the subjects and the order, and more details; so when they were discussing about it I was correcting and completing them. Obviously that was not very pleasant 🙂 It should have been a clear sign when they raised their eyebrows… i should have stopped. I kept telling myself: please stop talking, just stop right now, don’t explain anything, just smile and change the subject before they think I made some hints and before they get me wrong 🙂  and these moments repeated themselves many times during our trip. At the end of each day I was exhausted of being so attentive and responding to all, everybody and everything, and for some reasons, these moments came from time to time 🙂 Now I am pretty sure they think I am a hyper active late-adolescent how has an opinion about everything and how won’t shut up, ever. Yep, being overzealous didn’t bring me any friends this week-end!

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