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Crazy for postcards!

When I was little I use to play with postcards. My grandparents had a whole box of them and they would all be more similar to these. My parents also sent hundreds of them. When I grew up I was amazed of how different are the post cards, depending on the time!!! You can really see the difference between a post card made during the war and one post-war. Of course,  in our days there are so many shinny post cards! As my country is one of the many developing countries, we don’t really have nice post cards and this tradition is not respected anymore in my family. However, one of my friends sent me a postcard from one of his trips and I started collecting them. I get so excited every time I receive another a new post card!!! My friends and co-workers know about this and send me one every time they have the chance.  This is the first post card that I received from Havana, Cuba, a couple years ago:

Many thanks to my German friend for the post card!



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