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Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

a343a__Read-Lolita-online-freeYeah, another strong book but if I ever hear again someone saying that this book is a love story, or meditation on love or a misunderstood romance, I am going to cry!!! Now I read the book, I have the right to contradict all those opinions! This is the story of a rape, pretty much, and not physical rape but also social. To argument my opinion I will tell you more about the story. The novel starts with the plead of the main character – Humbert Humbert, an English man that moved in the US. He is in court for murder and he tells the story, analyses and explains his actions in court. The time of the book is post-war America. Humbert meets Dolores Haze (latter called Lolita) and her mother and starts to have a strong attraction towards Dolores, even if she is only 10. And this is not the first time when he feels this way towards a girl, he has had this situation in the past and studied the girls that aroused him, even found them a special name (I can’t even open the book to look for the term, that much this book is creepy for me). He marries Dolores’s mother and while Lolita is on summer camp, she dies in an accident so Humbert has Dolores all for himself. Humbert doesn’t tell Lolita about the death of his mother but takes her on a road trip. In the hotel, they speak about the camp and she confesses that in the camp she became intimate with a boy and they end up having sex. That is the moment when she finds out that she is an orphan and she is stuck with her step-father/lover. Right after Humbert thought that she will the most loving girl since her mother died, she only has him as a relative and he was not even feeling guilty for the sex, she was not a virgin anymore. But in the contrary, Lolita was cranky, she didn’t behave as a lover since she was just a child!, she avoided the caresses and the intimate relations, so Humbert had to buy his way, he was buying anything she wanted in order for her to “to complete her duties”. The road trip took more than 2 years and then they decided to settle down and live in one place. It was very dificult for Humbert to hide their relation especially since Lolita was going to school and making new friends. The only way Humbert could stop her from running away or telling was psychological pressure, he was telling her that she is an orphan with no money and no place to go… In the end Lolita had a conflict at school and they decide to go on the road again. In the end she manages to run away. Humbert finds her because she wrote to him and asked for money. She is in a poor house, pregnant and engaged with some guy. Humbert decides to forgive her for leaving only if there is a chance for her to come back to him. Lolita is refuses and asks him not to tell her fiance about their past, in this moment Humbert kills her. It is such a sad story, Humbert has destroyed his and her life, he let himself be driven by lust. He didn’t even like her personality, described as clumsy  impolite, but once he looked at her lips her forgot everything. He didn’t allow her to develop as a human being, to have a house, a school, hobbies, she was always watched and kept close, treated like a peace of meat. Even Humbert recognizes that he destroyed her but at the same time, it was Lolita who seduced him, it was Lolita who had no morals. I have to mention that I was seduced by the writing and the style of the book, and also by curiosity, I have learned some lessons from this book. Reading this book is a necessary evil, you have to know about it and you have to be aware. Gosh, I hope I won’t panic around fathers with their daughters, but it might happen.

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