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The Key to Rebecca – Ken Follett

As an explanation: I don’t live in an English speaking country and books in this language are not easy to find, so I read what my friends give me 🙂 🙂 🙂
I don’t usually read spy novels but I was curious to read a twice best seller, and even more, this book was based on true historical stories. The first question that was on my mind for a long time while reading was: did they allow to write about threesomes back in the ’80? amazing fact! So the book was first published in 1980 and republished in 2003.
The story starts in the Egyptian desert where we find Mr. Wolf Alex wondering around, lost and almost dried. He miraculously survives and reached Cairo, where he kills by accident a police officer. The British Secret Intelligence suspects that this is not just a simple murder and starts investigating this man. I will not get in too many details as there are very many, like it should be in a spy novel 🙂

There are 2 major story lines: Alex Wolf is an Egyptian/German spy. His major goal is to help defeat the British power in and help the Nazy German influence in Egypt. He has allot of success in his mission thanks to his strategic planning and manipulation skills. His feminine partner is Sonja, a belly dancer. On the British side, we have Mr. William Vandam how fights the Arabic/Egypt rebels and tries to maintain the British influence in the area. He meets by accident a young Jewish women – Elene. She agrees to help  him and capture the spy – Mr. Wolf. During this operation, they fall in love. Elene is the one that helps not only to capture Alex Wolf but she saves William’s son – Billy. The actions are quite captivating plus some erotic moments. The finale is very romantic: after the storm there many flowers in the desert. in the middle of them are Elene, William and Billy. It was a few hours of nice read and just enjoying the spy story and let’s face it: we all need this sometimes :). I found out that there has been a movie based on the book, here you have a sneak of Sonja’s sexy belly dance:

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