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The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

secretgardenI picked out this book because it is included in the BBC 100 books that everyone should read. The book was amazing and it filled my heart with happiness!!! The characters are well developed, there is mystery, good plot and a grand finale, what else can you ask for? The story line goes around Mary Lennox and her cousin Collin. They are both orphans and under-loved. Mary moves from India in the Misselthwaite Manor mansion. The mansion is half forbidden and the garden is locked because 10 years ago Collin’s mother died in a accident. One night Mary hears someone crying and discovers Collin. He is barely moving or lifting himself from his bed. He was told all his life that he is very sick and close to death and because of it he is depressed and hysterical most of the time. Mary is the one that discovers the key to the locked garden and starts to revive it, together with a local boy, Dickon. Dickon is one of the most important characters in the book and in the development of the other characters. Dickon and the robin-bird!!! Dickon is full of life, pure energy, curiosity and simple kindness that he inspires both Mary and Collin to become healthier and happier. The evolution of Collin is amazing and he starts to walk and run.  Another important character is Dickon’s mother, she is the one that advises Dickon’s actions and helps the children bond. Or course the place were all the activities take place is the secret garden but in my opinion it could be any other place were kids could communicate and play, develop skills and self – confidence, but the garden gave them a sense of magic which was necessary for both of them. Both Mary and Collin have been deprived of the warmth and love of a true family which is the magic place were everyone develops so they needed the magic of the garden. The ending was amazing and it made me smile. I just wished I would have read this book earlier to see an example of consequence when adults and parents are taken by fear. Collin’s father was afraid that he will be crippled, so he made him stay in bed all the time with all the luxuries, instead of providing him a normal life. Gosh, this is how parents mess up their kids and I realized how messed up I am because of parents’s fears… I guess it goes round and round. I will make all my friends read it so that they will be aware what could happen. Absolutely great book!

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