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No, this article is not about Kylie’s song. As I mentioned before, I am not married and not in a long term relation. In my family and in my society this is a big issue as people think that is something wrong with you. You know what they say, if nobody wants you it must be because your broken (or sick, or anything else that doesn’t make any sens). When I was 21 and dating, my family put serious pressure on me to stop fooling around and get married. Fortunately, I didn’t and decided to travel instead. I must say that this has been eye opening for me and this step changed my life for good. My family, especially my mother, has accepted the idea that I am still searching for my right man. Occasionally, when I run into old classmates from high school or from the University, they ask me if I am married. That is the only thing that they ask. They know from gossip that I have an amazing job, that I traveled allot and the only thing they still need to feel fulfilled is if I am married or not :). Right, I have no problem is saying that I am single. Unfortunately, this leads to others questions and propositions of match making and dates arrangements with their uncles, brothers, fathers… So I discovered that it is takes less time and hustle to say that I am. I am dating (and smile, you really need to add a smile for them to believe you 🙂 ). In fact, to make it even better, I add: I am dating a French guy, he is so romantic!!! I have no words in describing their reaction! To make it even better, I change the nationality of my “boyfriend” for each person that asks. I don’t discriminate, I just say the first nationality that comes to my mind and the best known stereotype that everyone knows about that nationality: I am dating a Spanish guy, he is teaching me how to dance salsa, I am dating a German, he is really strict with our relationship, I am dating a Bulgarian, he is teaching me how to cook gulash 🙂 and so on! This immediately leads to another topic and they are suddenly not interested in knowing any more details! Just give people what they want! 🙂 The only problem is that sometimes I forget what nationality I told that person, so I immediately say that it wasn’t going well, you know, different nationalities, different cultures… 🙂 I know this sounds silly but it is simpler that to tell them: I’m sorry, i didn’t know that you are a life expert and that you know how to live my life better, I guess you learned this at I-didn’t-know-what-to-do-with-my-life-and-married-the-first-man-that-I-dated University and that you have the right to teach me. I don’t need anyone of them to agree or validate my life choices. All these explanations lead to disagreements and I am doing my best to avoid them. I find that my method is much easier, creative and funnier. Until the right man comes along. One day I am going to tell him about this and he’s going to think that I am crazy, and love me even more 🙂

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