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Exploring Polish literature – Nine by Andrzej Stasiuk

stasiuk_2.inddIt was a challenge to finish this book. I can definitely give some credit to the author for attention to details and basically it is a descriptive novel, a description of all details around the characters, description of sensations, description the city… I would say that the plot line was confusing just because there were so many random characters that didn’t differentiate from each other very much. I can understand why this book received is so highly appreciate, the author tackled some good ideas but I just felt that the final result could have been better. This book had so much potential and the location was so well described but I felt there was no “glue” to bind together all these elements, they were just random. The cover states: here the author portraits elements of a new generation of Poles, freed from outdated ideologies but left disconnected from family, well, my reaction was, yes, now that you mentioned it, I guess it make sense… I understood the full story after reading the description on the cover: Pawel is a young business man in debt to loan shark. He turns for help to his 2 friends, Bolek and Jasek. And to this I would like to add that nothing clear happens in the end. Pawel still needs help.

Another detail was the translation. The book was initially written in Polish and then translated in English, but some sentences just didn’t make sense and maybe some of the book’s sense was lost. It was my first attempt to read polish literature and I have to say that I’m confused: this book had great reviews on goodreads and it was so difficult to read, I only imagine of those with low rates !

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